20 Cute and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids and Adults

What’s the Project? These cute and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids and adults are great for any occasion, whether it’s a school party or just for fun at home! Lots of fun ideas to do with your kids to keep them entertained and happy for Thanksgiving!

We still remember every November, biting into a turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. It was so much a part of childhood! Mom would make proper Thanksgiving meals every year and all family decorate them together..

Teaching little learners the story of the first Thanksgiving so much fun and easily by creating traditions and craftings. It is a perfect time for that.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do with your kids for Thanksgiving this year, these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids are just the thing. You can sit down and do them together or they are great for Thanksgiving parties too!

If you’re a room mom planning to celebrate Thanksgiving party, these could be just the thing for that. I’ve tried to keep these Thanksgiving crafts for kids nice and easy so that you can pull them off without too much work on your part, while still being lots of fun for the kids!

Let’s take a look!


Some of these are edible crafts, but those count as crafts too, right? In fact, they’re probably our favorite kind of craft. Anyway, here’s a look at lots of thanksgiving crafts for kids that you are going to love!


  1. Paper Plate Turkey

    Turkey Paper Plate Craft
    Turkey Paper Plate Craft
  2. Construction Paper Turkey

    construction paper turkey paper fan
    construction paper turkey paper fan via Pinterest
  3. Pinecone Turkey

    pinecone turkey
    pinecone turkey via Pinterest
  4. Paper Bag Turkey Craft

    paper bag turkey craft
    paper bag turkey craft via Pinterest
  5. Thanksgiving Placemat Craft

    Thanksgiving Placemat Craft
    Thanksgiving Placemat Craft via Pinterest and thegreenhead.com
  6. Turkey Headband Craft

    turkey headband craft
    turkey headband craft via Pinterest
  7. Crochet Turkey

    crochet turkey
    crochet turkey via Pinterest
  8. Pilgrim Crafts and Pilgrim Hats Craft

    pilgrim crafts and pilgrim hats craft
    pilgrim crafts and pilgrim hats craft via Pinterest
  9. Cornucopia Craft

    cornucopia craft
    cornucopia craft via Pinterest
  10. Thanksgiving Wreath Craft

    thanksgiving wreath craft
    thanksgiving wreath craft via Pinterest
  11. DIY Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

    diy napkin rings for thanksgiving
    diy napkin rings for thanksgiving via Pinterest
  12. Leaf Turkey Craft

    leaf turkey craft
    leaf turkey craft via Pinterest
  13. Reese’s Pieces Turkey Craft

    reeses pieces turkey craft
    reeses pieces turkey craft
  14. Turkey Candy Crafts

    turkey candy crafts
    turkey candy crafts
  15. Footprint Turkey Craft

    footprint turkey craft
    footprint turkey craft
  16. Thanksgiving Cards DIY

    thanksgiving cards diy
    thanksgiving cards diy via Pinterest
  17. 3D Turkey Craft

    3d turkey craft
    3d turkey craft via Pinterest
  18. Thanksgiving Cross Stitch

    thanksgiving cross stitch
    thanksgiving cross stitch via Pinterest
  19. Apple Turkey Craft

    apple turkey craft
    apple turkey craft via Pinterest
  20. Thanksgiving Coloring Page
    Thanksgiving coloring page
    Thanksgiving coloring page via Pinterest



Kids of all ages love Thanksgiving day for so many reasons. The DIY Thanksgiving crafts for kids alone are worth getting super excited about.
you’ll be eating turkey sandwiches, burritos, and casseroles for the rest of the weekend.

Besides cooking, eating, turkey, and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is a great season to flex those creative muscles. Take these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids for example, that will entertain, delight, and inspire children of all ages and skill levels. They’ll have such fun putting on a craft with homemade turkey paper bag, turkey headband craft, turkey candy crafts, Thanksgiving coloring page, etc.

Get your little ones in the Thanksgiving spirit this year—and keep them busy for hours—with these 20 easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids and adults.

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