8 Best Summer Shoes Kids Every Parent Should Know

Summer vibe is in the air, it’s time to prepare your kids for the summer fun. Kiddos need summer shoes kids that are comfortable and durable enough for their activities.

We have gathered a collection of summer shoes, sandals, and flip-flops your kids will love. They can be kids’ new best friend on the beach, in the garden, or simply at home!

8 Best Inspirations Summer Shoes for Kids

1. Cozy Flip Flop

Cozy Flip Flop for Summer Shoes Kids
Cozy Flip Flop for Summer Shoes Kids via Lucieslist.com

Flip flops are just perfect for beach time. It is super easy to use, safe for saltwater, and cozy. These Old Navy flip flops are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from infants to big kids. If you’re looking for casual summer shoes kids, these flip flops are worth the thought.

2. Cute Water Shoes

Cute Water Shoes
Cute Water Shoes via Lucieslist.com

Let your kids play safely in the water with these water shoes. Unlike flip flops, this pair gives extra protection as it fully covers kid’s feet. These summer shoes kids are made from rubber, making it super comfy to use. These water shoes are relatively affordable and available in cute pastel colors.

3. Girly Camp Shoes

Girly Camp Summer Shoes
Girly Camp Summer Shoes via Amazon.com

Are your girls going to join a summer camp? Make sure they have this camp shoe. With flexible yet durable rubber soles, it protects girl’s feet while giving comfort during a full day of outdoor activities. These summer shoes kids are available in toddler and older kids sizes.

4. Camp Shoes for Adventurer

Camp Shoes for Adventurer Kid
Camp Shoes for Adventurer Kid via Amazon.com

Little adventurer should have this camp shoe. It keeps kids’ feet safe during outdoor activities, both on the ground or in the water. These summer shoes kids combine flexible rubber sole for ultimate comfort and highly durable straps to keep it secure on kid’s feet.

5. Neon Vitike Camp Shoes

Neon Vitike Camp Shoes Kid
Neon Vitike Camp Shoes Kid via Amazon.com

This is a unisex camp shoe that offers comfort and stylish look. The summer shoes kids come in unique neon colors that look striking outdoor. Featuring thick rubber sole, Vitike camp shoes are comfy and safe for hiking, camping, and traveling.

6. Flowery Sandals

Flowery Summer Sandals Kid
Flowery Summer Sandals Kid via Pinterest

Adopting traditional European style, this girl’s sandal is a great choice for hangouts in summer. These summer shoes kids look cute in pastel colors with flower accent that evokes feminine look. It is not only beautiful design that makes it worth choosing, but also flexible rubber sole for ultimate comfort.

7. Keen Sneakers

Keen Sneakers for Kids
Keen Sneakers for Kids via Footwearnews.com

Keen sneakers are suitable for active kids who love adventure. These summer shoes kids offer extra protection to toes, fingers, and whole feet. Grippy sole makes it suitable for most outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and climbing.

8. Water Shoes with Back Strap

Water Shoes with Back Strap for Kids
Water Shoes with Back Strap for Kids via Macburger.kg

This water shoe is suitable for toddlers and big kids. The summer shoes kids are completely easy to use but it stays well on kids’ feet, thanks to back strap. Not only does it protect kids’ toes and fingers but it also has grippy and flexible sole.

There are many summer shoes kids to choose from but not all of them are good for kids. Footwear ideas above are great for kids to spend full day outdoor. Which one do you like best?

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