8 Awe-Inspiring Preschool Recycling Crafts Ideas

Using recycled material is one of the best ways to craft with kids. Not only does it help save budget, but it also teaches your kids to be kind to nature. And if you’re looking for preschool recycling crafts ideas, you’ve come to the right page.

We have gathered awe-inspiring ideas for recycled art projects using various materials, from cereal boxes to toilet roll, to corks. This activity keeps things simple and fun. As a bonus, your kiddos learn how to recycle materials into pieces of art. Check this out!

8 Awe-Inspiring Preschool Recycling Craft Ideas

1. Bottle Cap Flowers

Recycled bottle cap flower craft
Recycled bottle cap flower craft via Pinimg.com

Bottle caps are everywhere. Ask your kids to collect bottle caps as many as they can and transform this material into gorgeous bottle cap flowers. You’ll also need glue, cardboard, straws, and a bottle. Arrange bottle caps into flower and combined with straws as well as bottle. Recycled bottle cap flower craft is done!

2. Monsters Made with Recycled Cereal Boxes

Monsters Made with Recycled Cereal Boxes
Cereal Box Monsters via Thesprucecrafts.com

Don’t throw your cereal boxes as they can be a group of cute monsters. This recycling craft idea is super simple, easy to make, but extremely fun. Ask your kids to imagine a cute monster and let them transform the boxes into monster they’ve imagined.

3. Bird Houses Made out of Bottles


Bird Houses Made out of Bottles
Bird Houses Kids Craft via Pinimg.com


Your kids will love this bird house project. Gather empty coke bottles and transform into cute bird houses complete with their hangings. Depending on the age, ask your kids to help you out, be it cutting or decorating the bottle.

4. Eco-Friendly Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter Craft Made out of Bottles
Hanging Planter Craft via Coachart.org


Hanging planter is one of the preschool recycling crafts ideas to try at home. How to make this recycled planter is completely simple, even your preschoolers won’t find difficulties tackling it. Just help them with the knife or scissor or when making holes for the ropes.

5. Cute Cork Butterflies

Recycled Cork Butterflies Craft
Recycled Cork Butterflies Craft via notimeforflashcards.com


Having corks scattered at home? Work together with your kids to transform those useless corks into beautiful butterflies to decorate the wall. Cut construction paper into wings and get some beads for eyes. Voila! Cute butterflies are done.

6. Toilet Roll Buildings

Toilet Paper Roll Building Crafts for Kids
Toilet Paper Roll Building Crafts for Kids via Thesprucecrafts.com


You never know what toilet rolls can be in creative hands. Take a look at this picture and you’ll be inspired to make cityscape from unused toiled rolls. Ask your kiddos to add decorative touch, such as giving roofs and windows so it transforms into amazing building.

7. Creative Pencil Case from Bottle

Easy recycled Bottle Pencil Case
Easy recycled Bottle Pencil Case via Pinimg.com

Next up, there is a creative case for your pencils, pens, straws, or other stuff. This recycled item is super easy to make but it works well to keep your room clutter-free. Make a hole on the bottle and decorate the bottle with your favorite characters. Now it’s ready to use!

8. Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft


Recycled Newspaper Flower Craft
Recycled Newspaper Flower Project via Notimeforflashcards.com

The last but not least, old newspaper can be transformed into beautiful flowers. Your preschool kids will love this handcraft for it is completely easy. This activity involves cutting and pasting so it helps to sharp kid’s fine motoric skills.

Preschool recycling crafts are fun, not only for kids but also for parents. While your kiddos can learn how to recycle items, you don’t have to spend extra budget for crafting.

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