8 Most Inspiring Kids Entertainment for Parties

Are you going to throw a party for your child really soon? Kids entertainment for parties is one thing you shouldn’t miss aside from decoration, food, and venue.

Luckily, we have wrapped up 8 awesome and fun kids’ entertainment that will keep everyone amused. Don’t forget to prepare the supplies!

Kids Entertainment for Parties Ideas

1. Blow Up the Balloons (Ballon Games)

blow up a balloon activity
blow up a balloon activity via Kinsights.com


Balloons always come in handy to create simple kids’ entertainment for parties. Blowing up the balloons can be an entertaining activity for kids, especially if you choose the outdoor venue. There are so many colors and shapes to choose from, allowing you to find ones that suit your party theme.

2. Funny Clowns

Funny Clowns for Kids Entertainment in Parties
Funny Clowns, for Kids Entertainment in Parties, via Medium.com

Clowns and circus performers never fail to bring joy and happiness. They often come with bright and fun appearance to attract attention. This kids entertainment for parties keeps the crowd amused with funny yet quirky tricks. If you’re lucky, these clowns may teach the guests their skills.

3. Floor Games

Floor Games Interactive Physical Activity
Floor Games Interactive Physical Activity via Familyeducation.com


Any kind of floor game offers lots of fun. Whether you throw an indoor or outdoor party, this kids entertainment for parties works well to keep your guest entertained. Prepare a floor mat and ask your guests to play individually or in a team.

4. Face Painting

Face Painting and Entertainment
Face Painting and Entertainment via Fabfun.com.au


How about painting a friend’s face? Both boys and girls love to play with color, moreover on their friends’ faces. Prepare toxic-free paint and let your little guests unleash their creativity. This is a kids entertainment for parties that is simple and easy to prepare.

5. Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks For Kids Party
Magic Tricks For Kids Party via Lecirquedejp.co.nz

Next on the list, magic tricks work really well to amuse everyone in the party. You will need to find out if there are any magicians who offer party deals in your neighborhood. For the best kids entertainment for parties, be sure to find a magician with unique skills and tricks.

6. Storytelling

Storytelling Kid Entertainment
Storytelling Kid Entertainment via Partieskidsremember.com.au


Well, this activity may sound boring for older kids but it won’t if you know who to invite. A good storyteller will be able to grab attention with their enchanting voice, attractive props and maybe quirky actions. Many of them can bring the story to life, making it a perfect idea for kids entertainment for parties.

7. Sack Race



Sack race makes your garden party livelier. Not only is it fun for kids, this activity is also simple and easy to prepare. Not to mention this kids entertainment for parties is suitable for any party themes. Kids can team up or play individually depending on the number of the guests.

8. Hug the Animals

Animal loving kids
Animal loving kids via Timeincuk.net


Depending on your area, there are services that will bring a variety of animals like reptiles, mammals, and birds to your party. Animal-loving kids will be excited to hug rabbits and guinea pigs or hold parrots. But before choosing this kids entertainment for parties, your guests don’t have allergies.

You will never run out of ideas when it comes to party entertainment. Whatever your party themes and whenever your throw it, a variety of kids entertainment for parties above will keep the crowd amused. Discuss with your kids and let them choose an activity of their preferences.

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