7 Adorable Construction Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a fun activity to spend time with the kids? Grab some construction paper and enjoy stress-free activities with the little ones. There are limitless ideas for construction paper crafts so you can improve kid’s fine motoric skills while keeping things fun.
Paper craft ideas below are simple and adorable, allowing toddlers and older kids to join the activity. You’ll need to prepare supplies such as construction paper, glue, and scissors, crayons, and other basic craft supplies. Pick an inspiring idea of your favorite and let’s get started!

7 Adorable Construction Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Butterfly Origami


butterfly origami construction paper crafts
butterfly origami construction paper crafts via Kidspot.com

This is one of the most basic construction paper craft ideas for beginners. How to make a paper butterfly craft is quite simple because it doesn’t need scissors or glue. However, kids should put extra attention to follow your instructions. Challenge your kids to make this butterfly origami and they would love to join.

2. Colorful Twirl Paper Craft

Twirl Paper Craft
Twirl Paper Craft via pinimg.com

Paper twirl is another simple idea to have fun with construction paper craft. This papercraft is easy to make but looks amazing for wall decoration. Prepare colorful papers and cut them into different lengths. Fold the paper as seen in the picture and secure them together with a pin. Now it’s ready to decorate your space.

3. Family Tree Paper Craft

Family Tree Paper Craft Ideas for Kids
Family Tree Paper Craft Ideas for Kids via pinimg.com

How about learning family tree while having fun with construction paper crafts? Family tree paper craft keeps thing simple, making it perfect for younger kids. Ask your juniors to make paper hands with different sizes for mom, dad, and kids. Draw a tree and attach paper hands on each branch.

4. Hanging Construction Paper Ball

Hanging Construction Paper Ball
Paper Ball Crafts via meredithcorp.io

This is another level of paper craft. It may look a little bit complicated but it’s rather easy to make. You can start with preparing construction paper with two different patterns. Cut big and small disks then slightly cut the middle. Arrange the disks into a paper ball like in the picture and hang it up.

5. Rainbow Snail Crafts from Paper


Rainbow paper snail is an adorable craft made from construction paper. It is completely easy to make so you can ask your toddler to join the project. Prepare construction papers in many colors and a snail paper. Glue the colorful paper on snail’s back and voila! The happy snail has a pretty rainbow shell.

6. Fancy Paper Rocket Craft

DIY rocket paper craft made with construction paper
DIY rocket paper craft via meredithcorp.io

If your kids love galaxy, outer space, and the like, this fancy paper rocket makes a great choice. This DIY rocket paper craft made with construction paper may take a little extra time and energy but the result is worth the effort. Work together with your kids and see how this small project can improve communication between you and your loved ones.

7. Lovely Cactus Paper Craft for Table Decor Ideas

Cactus Paper Craft for Table Decor Ideas
Cactus Paper Craft Ideas via artprojectsforkids.org

How about making a cactus paper craft to decorate the kid’s study table. This paper cactus looks real with vibrant flowers, stripes, and thorns. Put the cactus in a tiny pot and it’s ready to create a focal point on the table.

With so many ideas for construction paper crafts, this activity can level up kids’ creativity and hone their fine motoric skills. Which one will you try for the upcoming project?

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