7 Cardboard Craft Project Ideas for Kids

Cardboard is one of the most basic craft materials. It is very easy to find and highly customizable, allowing you to discover a new level of creativity. Cardboard craft projects can be a perfect way to have lots of fun with kids and the whole family.

There are so many cardboard craft ideas to choose from. This material can be easily transformed into anything, such as buildings, cartoon characters, buildings, and more. If you plan to have cardboard crafting for the upcoming project, find creative and inspiring ideas below!

7 Cardboard Craft Project Ideas

1. Cardboard Ice Cream Craft

Cardboard Ice Cream Craft
Cardboard Ice Cream Craft Project via Craftingafunlife.com

Do you have a project with toddlers? It’s essential to choose a simple cardboard craft project idea so the kiddos can have fun with it. This cardboard ice cream is extremely easy to make with cutting, gluing, and coloring activities. If you want to improve kids’ motoric skills, this project has got you covered.

2. Home Sweet Home

Unique Cardboard Home Craft
Unique Cardboard Home Craft via Artprojectsforkids.org

Help your kids build their own cardboard house! This could be a fantastic project to strengthen your bond with the loved ones. Work together to cut, glue, and decorate miniature cardboard houses so you can make your own neighborhood. This cardboard project for your kids, you will need to prepare large, unused cardboard.

3. DIY Cardboard Laptop

DIY Cardboard Notebook
DIY Cardboard Notebook via Petitandsmall.com


Kiddos will love to make DIY cardboard computer. This cardboard craft project idea is super simple, not to mention it doesn’t require high level of crafting skills. Simply cut the cardboard and fold into two. Combine with chalkboard so your kids or you can write something on the computer screen.

4. Cardboard Zoo Animals Projects

Cardboard Zoo Animals Projects
Cardboard Animals Craft via Babysits.com

Animal characters are the most favorite when it comes to cardboard craft ideas. Help kids by drawing simple patterns of animals and ask your kids to carefully cut the cardboard based on the pattern. Always remember to supervise your kids when using scissors. Color the cardboard for the last touch.

5. Doll House Made Out of Cardboard

Cardboard Dollhouse Crafts for Girls
Cardboard Dollhouse Crafts for Girls via Momtastic.com


A miniature cardboard dollhouse is a cool and easy DIY cardboard project for kids. It allows your kids to unleash their creativity when playing with their dolls. Make two or three stories with different rooms so they can play with siblings or friends. Make sure your kids decorate the house with accessories or paints.

6. Lovely Cardboard Kittens

Lovely Cardboard Kittens Craft Ideas
Lovely Cardboard Kittens Craft Ideas via pinimg.com

Kids, especially girls, love kittens and it can be a great idea for the upcoming cardboard project. Making cardboard kittens bring lots of excitement as your kids can play with them afterwards. Help your kids to make patterns and ask them to draw kitten faces. Get some wools to give the last touch to the cute kittens.

7. Beautiful Cardboard Flowers Craft

Cardboard Flowers Craft for Gilrs
Cardboard Flowers Craft for Gilrs via Mommyhoodlife.com

Cardboard flower craft really makes your mood! Show this picture to your kids and tell them that it’s only made from cardboard. They will never stop begging you to make the same cardboard project. Good news for you, these colorful flowers are simple and easy to make. Make sure all the supplies are ready.

There are lots of ideas when it comes to a cardboard craft project. Craft ideas above are suitable for toddlers and older kids, both boys and girls. Let the juniors decide and make your own cardboard project!

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