57 Best Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Most people see a paper plate as a thing that holds food and allows them to eat. But creative people see a paper plate as an amazing craft supply that can be shaped to be various projects. Paper plates are one of the least expensive, easy to obtain, and super versatile, making them one of the best and easy craft supplies for doing projects in classrooms or at home. Paper plate crafts are a great learning tool for all kids.

If you are here, you are searching to find outstanding paper plate crafts. No need for anything too fancy, complicated, or expensive for your kids to get creative with. You just need to prepare things like paint, paper, glue, wool, tape, and paper plates to have projects which are included in this article how to shape the patterns of paper plate craft ideas.

Stuck for paper plate craft ideas for kids? To give you just a bit of an idea of what you can do with such a seemingly simple object used in kids’ crafts at home, we’ve gathered 57 different paper plate crafts in the 20 project themes. Please check out these project ideas!

1. Peacock’s Paper Plate

Peacock Paper Plate Craft
Peacock Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest and Iheartcraftythings.com

How impressive a peacock is when it fans feathers! How impressive a peacock is when it spreads his feathers! Cut the body out of some construction paper plate and the edges of paper plate for creating the tail. We love to use wool with blue fringed plastic ends to make little head feathers or thread the straws and beads on to the tail , just like the peacocks have in real life!

2. Snake

Snake Paper Plate
Snake Paper Plate via Pinterest

These spring are a fun snack paper plate craft and are oh so cute. Learn how to make a snack craft. You and your child can create colorful snakes using the most fun tool such as googly eyes, a bit of paint and some cutting.

3. Colorful Turkey

Turkey Paper Plate Craft
Turkey Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest

This is a great paper plate Thanksgiving activity for the little kids.


4. Owl

Paper Plate Craft of Owl
Paper Plate Craft of Owl via Pinterest

Here’s a fun kids owl craft idea – You can turn a paper plate into an adorable owl craft. Even, by adding a magnet to the back on the paper plate, you can display your owls craft on the refrigerator!

5. Penguin

Paper Plate of Penguin
Paper Plate of Penguin via Pinterest

You can almost feel the cold when you look at this penguin


6. Bunny

Bunny Paper Plate
Bunny Paper Plate via Pinterest

What a fun bunny craft for Easter day! Love these cute rabbit with glowing eyes. Grab the free bunny paper plate template to enjoy this craft with kids.

7. Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

Lady Bug Paper Plate Craft
Lady Bug Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest

When you have kids crafting with you, it is inevitable to not craft ladybug.  Paper plate craft of ladybug is a great starter for kindergarten in the holiday. Try making this ladybug paper plate craft with moving wings.


8. Koala

Koala Mask Paper Plate Craft
Koala Mask Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest

Koala paper plate craft idea becomes so much fun activity for kids.This koala craft made using a paper plate makes it super easy to explain the facts and fun koala to young kids.

9. Fish Paper Plate

Fish Paper Plate Craft
Fish Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest

It’s fish time! We love fish crafts and this idea for making this colorful fish paper plate craft might just be our favorite. This fish art project one will make a great classroom craft for spring time.

Our fish loves can be done in many different color schemes (or just using one color). Gluing circles on the fish craft will give your little ones a good fine motor exercise.

10. Christmas

Christmas Paper Plate Idea
Christmas Paper Plate Idea via Pinterest

Next in our selection of crafts with paper plates is this Christmas project. This one is insanely easy and quick to make Snowman, Christmas tree, Santa and wreath.

11. Elephant

Elephant Paper Plate Ideas
Elephant Paper Plate Ideas via Pinterest

Elephants are fascinating animals for everyone but especially for children. Kids will love making this fun moving elephant nose and ears craft. Also, it comes with a free printable elephant template for classroom or home use.

12. Halloween

Halloween Paper Plate Craft
Halloween Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest.com

If you’re looking for some cute and easy Halloween’s day ideas made using a paper plate, this pumpkin, bat, and witch paper plate craft is a sweet idea to celebrate Halloween.


13. Spider

Paper Plate Project Spider
Paper Plate Project Spider via Pinterest

It doesn’t matter whether we use dessert plates, cake plates, luncheon plates or dinner plates, any of them will work when making this spider paper plate project.

14. Clock

Clock Paper Plate Ideas
Clock Paper Plate Ideas via Pinterest and thesprucecrafts.com

The nice clock craft idea will give kids a chance to learn the concepts of time in an interesting way. The wall clock craft is made from paper plate that is decorated with number dials.

15. Sun

Sun Paper Plate
Sun Paper Plate via Pinterest

Sun and planet become so much fun and easy when explained through the crafts.This sun craft made using a paper plate makes it super easy to explain what the sun is to young kids.

16. Caterpillar

Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft
Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest.com

This easy caterpillar paper plate craft is a fun and simple craft for kids of all ages to make in spring or when learning about caterpillars. Here’s a fun way to use a paper plate to create cute caterpillar craft.

17. Duck

Duck Paper Plate Ideas
Duck Paper Plate Ideas via Pinterest

In the series of crafting, we have another simple and cute paper plate duck. This is an easy duck craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


18. Tiger

Tiger Paper Plate Craft
Tiger Paper Plate Craft via Pinterest

This tiger paper plate craft gets a lot of love from kids. It is super easy to make. Kids can make this tiger craft with little help. While making the tiger’s mane by using black marker, kids get to work on their fine motor skills.

19. Dragon and Dinosaur

Dragon Paper Plate
Dragon Paper Plate via Pinterest

Here is another simple and cute dragon and dinosaur craft that is easy to make for young kids. Grab our printable  template and make this dragon and dinosaur craft for a preschool farm theme.

20. Giraffe

Giraffe Paper Plate
Giraffe Paper Plate via Pinterest

The collection of giraffe crafts with paper plates is rapidly growing. We love this crafting material as you can make it fit for any age group – from giraffe paper plate craft ideas easy enough for toddlers to do, kids in kindergarten and even older kids to enjoy.

Kids love paper plate crafts! They will have so much fun crafting that they will hardy realize they are learning at the same time. Nothing beats crafting with a cheap material supplies and we can all agree paper plate craft fits the description. And there are so many fun things kids can create with a bit of paint, foam, wool, straws, and some cutting.

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